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One of the things that keeps people from effectively running their rental business is the lack of a rental tracking software. Many times, people keep track of their rents on a spreadsheet. This spreadsheet works well, but to create the reports needed, they have to take that information off the spreadsheets and re-create reports both for internal use but also for banks. We’ve created an online rent tracking system. This system is very simple and easy to learn. Instead of keeping track of your rents on a spreadsheet, you can easily have that information online. Having the information online creates a number of advantages.

1. If multiple people need to see the information, they can all login and view the information instantly. Spreadsheets don’t need to be emailed and you don’t need to be on the same computer every time to access the information.

2. Inputting the information into the online rent tracker allows you to create custom reports that can be printed out on any computer. This prevents you from having to look in various different places to retrieve the data.

3. Using the rent tracker allows you to email all your tenants or just one tenant at the same time from this system.

4. If a tenant calls in asking exactly what they owe, you or anyone else who logs into the system can access that information instantly. You do not need to search your computer or files to collect the information.

5. The online system can remind you at different intervals to complete certain tasks. It can remind you quarterly to inspect the outside of the property. It can remind you annually to check the furnace filters. You can add any other reminders that you want.

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