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One of the reasons that I struggled for years in getting a constant stream of leads was my lack of ability to control my time. In the past, I would send out an email to hundreds of REO agents, and I would follow up to stay in front of them. As a result, I would find a few outstanding deals, and I would spend my time closing and managing those deals. As a result, I didn’t take the time to send out the next email, and a few weeks later, I found myself without any promising leads.

The one thing that finally helped to make my business run on autopilot was the creation of the mass emailer.
Here is how it works:

We typically send out one email per month to the REO agents in our markets. Instead of remembering to do this every month, we load 14 emails to go out for the entire year. In the first two months, we send two emails and in the remaining 10 months, we send one email per month. In one sitting, we setup all emails and we set the date that the want the email to go out. That email then automatically goes out at midnight on the evening that we set. The huge advantage to putting these emails on autopilot is that no matter how busy we are, our marketing (free marketing) goes out automatically and we don’t have to think about it. It takes about one hour to set it up the first time, but after it is setup, leads will come to your inbox every 30 days, whether or not you are doing anything at all.

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