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"Finally, a product that met my needs and destroyed my competition,
goodbye hand-written spreadsheets and
hello ZZZ."
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Real estate deal you do?

Do you hate the stacks and stacks of paper
that are created by each and every

Does trying to stay on top of every little thing
you need to do to close a deal often leave
you feeling frustrated and on edge?

Are you tired of not being able to keep your
rehabs on track?

Are you sick of chasing bad leads and looking for a way to streamline your purchase process?

Are you sick and tired of all the new repetitive work that accompanies each new deal that comes along?

Do you wish there was a better way to do your job … a way that would save you both time and money and dramatically ease the pressures you are currently under?

Many people begin investing in real estate so that they can create passive income that allows them to step away from working all the time. However, they quickly find that they end up spending much more time on real estate than they ever thought possible. Every new property creates its own separate J.O.B.

After having gone through hundreds of real estate transactions, we created systems and checklists that allowed us to streamline the process. Putting those checklists online allowed us to have one place where everybody knew what to do, and when they needed to do it. To learn more about how we systemized every aspect of the business and how you can tap into the power or this project, watch this short video.

Are you currently using
(as well as forced to keep track of) all of the following:

• A laptop
• A computer
• Software programs
• Accounting software
• Microsoft office
• Word, Excel & more
• Software to comp properties
• Insurance agent
• Office employees
• More stacks of paper
• Contractors
• Real Estate agents
• Cell phone
• More stacks of paper
• House sellers
• Did I say stacks of paper?

If you’re in real estate, chances are you are currently dealing with most, if not all, of the above.
But what if I knew how you could:

1. Make the stacks of paper evaporate

2. Ensure the people in your life are promptly and consistently notified about what you need them to do – with virtually no work from you!

3. No longer have to make tons of time-consuming phone calls to check up on staff and property managers

4. Have your projects and deals completed on time while also ensuring everyone is on the same page through every step of the process

5. View the status of your real estate business from anywhere in the country

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