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"Finally, a product that met my needs and destroyed my competition,
goodbye hand-written spreadsheets and
hello ZZZ."
Travis Millward Investor testimonials


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Kevin Derr Acquisitions Manager Integrity Home Buyers, Inc. :

“The ZZZ Real Estate System has changed my life. I am able to manage our investment property at anytime, from anywhere. And it is so easy to use. I can manage all aspects of our business from the ZZZ Real Estate website. Talk about saving time and money! I can even send myself reminders of things I need to do.

The checklist and to-do list have become essential tools to remind our staff when particular tasks need to be completed helping us avoid missing critical steps. Then I can focus my time looking at real, potential investments and not waste time by driving to properties that don’t meet my criteria. That is how you make money.” –

Jim Johnson, CPM Principal Lexington Holdings, Inc. :
Pasadena, California

Melissa - “Thanks loads for your professional and timely assistance this morning- Just let me say as a CPM [Certified Property Manager] from the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM); and as a real estate professional with over 20 plus years of serious professional real estate responsibility (15 years at The Prudential Insurance Company of America, and other institutional commercial real estate institutions) the ZZZ real estate software that I purchased last week at the boot camp was what I thought it was; - A very powerful tool and technology software element that would provide the professionalism and "on the money" administrative support and product to assurance high performance - and your assistance via "Gotomeeting" to help navigate me through it this morning was especially valued - The "service beyond the purchase" was very much appreciated.” Thank you - Sincerely,
Jim Johnson

Travis Millward :

"I’d been looking for a specific online database, custom to my real estate investing needs, (specifically foreclosure-based). I realized very quickly there was nothing available that suited my needs. Before ZZZ Real Estate System, I was losing track of deals, it was impossible to keep my tasks in order, and it was difficult to communicate accurate information with my business partner. I was losing sight of what was important and even worse gaining more headaches from doing so much administrative minimum wage tasks.

"I decided I was going to create my own custom database. I soon realized that was a large time commitment, and it wasn’t going to be cheap! I was considering paying $20,000 to create my own database, even then I’d have to wait 6-8 months, which was time I didn’t have. Then came along ZZZ Real Estate System; an affordable, online database system that was created with custom features in virtually no time. Finally, a product that met my needs and destroyed my competition, goodbye hand-written spreadsheets and hello ZZZ." ZZZ rocks!

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